Is your project taking shape? Or do you need forms first?

So you’re building something special? You’ve got some great ideas about how your new home will look. Let’s make sure it’s on solid ground. A well structured foundation is no place to cheap out. That’s why Coast Form Rentals pays extra attention to the quality of their wood (forms). Industry standards dictates paper-faced plywood. However, after being dredged through the mud, cut into different sizes, and plastered with concrete, it doesn’t always come back the way it went out. Wood that gets damaged is cut down to accommodate smaller sizes or is thrown out. The paper-face gets worn down and needs replacing. On average we replace 10% of our stock every month!

Quality Products

Should we say it again? Concrete forms take a beating. While our stock is regularly replaced, the building industry is constantly changing. Buildings are getting larger (do you think 16,000 s.f. is a big enough house?) and foundations are getting taller. Take the time to read through our product page and check out what we have in stock… (more details)

  • Concrete Forms
  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
  • Wood Forms
  • Cone Ties